Please suggest some appropriate non-alcholic gift to HR team.
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Please suggest some appropriate non-alcholic gift to HR team.

I work for a mid-size firm and would like to send a small gift to HR manager(male), payroll manager(female) who work from the corporate office. I hardly see them but interact with them few times a year, for some important legal paperwork needs.

They have been helpful and supportive and would like to maintain good relationship with them.

What would be an appropriate non-alcholic gift, please?
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Gift cards to chain restaurants. Starbucks gift cards. You can email and Amazon e-gift.

You get the gist.
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Fruit baskets. Separately, assuming they don't work in the same group. Fruit is delicious and great social currency in an office.
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Gift cards IMHO are not appropriate unless these people work for you or sit below you on the org chart. If they are your peers or rank higher, go with something where the monetary value is not transparent. Fruit baskets, cookie baskets, or cheese baskets can all be shared, which is nice. Alternatively, I am a huge believer in sending plants - bamboo is nice for men, orchids for women.
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Speaking of food: Harry & David has lots great stuff, too
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Mixed nuts are always a crowd-pleaser wherever I've worked. Healthier than chocolate and sweets but you don't have to hurry up and consume them like a fruit basket.
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