Help me get a new Macbook as soon as possible?
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I want to buy a new Macbook Pro as soon as they come out. Today I saw some reference online to "advance booking." What is this and how do I do it? I feel like I'm missing some secret that everyone else is in on...

I've Googled to only limited success in figuring this out. I see that you can pre-order at Amazon, but I want to pick it up in-store, and in any case the prices haven't been set yet which makes it hard for me to figure out exactly what specs I want. Not that I even know what the options will be since the new Macbook hasn't been announced yet! I'm just trying to figure out if there's something I'm missing here that will put me at the back of a zillion-person line by the time I figure it out.

If the answer is "Only special insider people can pre-order unannounced Apple products" or "What are you talking about, that's not a thing", can you walk me through anything else I'll need to know to get my hands on a new Macbook as soon as possible? I had a very frustrating and confusing experience trying to get an iPhone 4s after having completely ignored all the hype, so this time I'm trying to be a little more in the know.
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The next MacBook Pro is only rumored to be launching this summer. I would say that means late June or early July. Pre-ordering via a third party on Amazon is a risky business, and if you want to pick it up at an actual Apple store, which you do, the best thing for you to do will be to wait for the official announcement, immediately visit, find the MacBook Pro section, and order/reserve the model you want and have it shipped to the store closest to you.

Websites that offer pre-ordering not through Apple are scams and should be avoided. I can understand the inclination to go through Amazon (no tax), but if you want the fresh-out-of-the-box experience, going through the actual Apple store (online or brick and mortar) is your safest and most reliable option.

As a former fruit salesman, there is absolutely no way to pre-order unannounced Apple products as an insider. :P You gotta to wait in line just like everybody else.
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There's nothing you can do. When there are new Macbooks everyone will know, and everyone will buy them at the same time from So don't worry.
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I've had some success in working with my local apple store to purchase an item (in short supply) as soon as possible. It was a matter of calling/stopping by and letting them know what I wanted and requesting I be notified when one was available. They followed up accordingly.

I would have a hard time imagining that Amazon would supply this item quicker than Apple.
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And unlike phones, MacBook Pros aren't the sort of thing everyone riches out to buy on release day, if for no other reason than they have a longer useful life and are more expensive to replace. Wait till they're available and order one when they show up at apple's store. They probably won't sell out the first day.
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What people have said above is pretty on the ball. I have a personal rule of not buying new Apple hardware more than a month after release (personal mix of crazy, fear of buyer's remorse, and educated guesses about production cycles that are irrelevant to your question), and when it comes to computers, the in-store line is non-existant. When it comes to the computers, I've always been in and out of the brick-and-mortar store in under 15 minutes and have never preordered anything.

Just keep your eye on sites like Mac Rumors' buyers' guide and you'll be more educated than most.
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Okay I feel better now that I know there's no secret queue. Thanks guys!
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