Troubleshoot iMac Bootcamp Windows-side sporadic internet connection?
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Troubleshooting an intermittent WiFi connection on Windows side of Bootcamped iMac?

New iMac 27". I got Win 7 up and running a couple days ago, but internet connection is sporadic--disconnects and drops to 0.0% frequently.

This happens ONLY on the Windows side of the partition...web searches bring up a lot of diff issues, some are too complicated for me (basic user-level computron person) and some are "move the router"-level bonehead (that can't be the prob--I have several other computers at the same desk and they all have very fast internet (I'm in South Korea, land of screaming internetz, after all).

What can I do?
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Make sure you have the latest boot-camp drivers running. Set Windows to never check for a better wifi connection, and delete any local connections other than the one you are using from its list of access points it is authorized to connect to without asking. Perhaps change the channel of your wifi router to a less crowded channel, because my experience with my South Korean customers is that they are SATURATED with Wi-Fi and have reduced speeds as a result. Not to say that that's your problem, but still.

Unfortunately Win7 has had for some users, a Wi-Fi dropping-problem since before its official release.

Are you using 64-bit Windows or 32?
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I had problems with internet in Bootcamp, too -- maybe some of the answers in this old thread of mine might help?
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>Make sure you have the latest boot-camp drivers running.

Honestly, I'm not even sure how to do this--Mac side or Windows side?
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Actually, I may have solved this by going into changing network adapter settings and unchecking TCP/IP v6. HUGE improvement so far, and seems stable...
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Ugh. Spoke too soon. Hope me meatfilter!
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To make sure you have the latest boot camp drivers, start up the Apple Software Update program (should be in your start menu but if not just type it into the search box) and then let it look for software updates. If you don't already have the latest drivers it'll ask you if you want to download them. Then sit back and relax!
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Yeah, I've got the latest drivers. That's still not doing it. Some reason I keep getting the boot from the router, even when I logged on to the network before other computers in the office. Oof and double oof.
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