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Where does one buy an air conditioner remote control in NYC?

So this is a silly problem.

I have a small Haier AC unit that's about five years old. And while it still runs fine, the settings are determined entirely by remote control. Which is broken. Swapping out batteries doesn't help and trying other universal remotes doesn't help. To further complicate matters, I need to be able to solve this problem by tomorrow or it will just become a bigger headache.

The remote is very basic (here), and while I can order it online I'd much prefer to pick one up at a store for the sake of expediency.

Lowe's, J&R, and Radio Shack couldn't help. The websites for Home Depot, Bed Bath & Beyond, and PC Richards don't seem to know what I'm looking for. Amazon pulled this remote up, which I recognize as being sold in conjunction with residential central air systems, but where would I purchase that? Is there anywhere I'm not thinking of?
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It's a longshot, but try calling your local Sears appliance parts department. They've surprised me a couple of times with hard to find parts in stock. You'll need to have the model number of your AC unit.
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Yes, this is going to be a manufacturer specific remote. I doubt this is something that would be in stock anywhere, but you might be able to order it on Amazon Prime and have it overnight.
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