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Suggestions for nanny background check websites?

Mrs. Lapidus and I are looking into hiring a nanny to care for our daughter when my wife goes back to work, and we have a few nannies we are interested in, however, we need to run background checks on all of them before we seriously consider any of the candidates (we have found nannies not through an agency, but via an ad). For mefites who have dealt with this before -- do you have any suggestions as to which websites to use for this? We are in Boston, MA, and have a CORI option, however, we are looking for something that does check violations in other states as well. A wise word of advice is very welcome!
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I'm not sure it's entirely suitable for your purposes, because I don't think everything you'd want to know about a nanny can be found with an online background check, but I've had good luck with U.S. Search in the past. I haven't tried them, but there's also the much reviled "No stranger comes around my growing family without a background check," people
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