I need a big bagel. No, BIGGER.
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I need a giant bagel. As in, six-foot sub: sandwich :: this bagel : regular bagels. I'm in New York City, the bagel capital of earth.

I've seen these referred to as "party bagels," but I can't seem to track one down locally. I will happily grant the premise that it won't taste as good or be as lovely as just a mountain of regular-sized bagels, but I'm really going for the "holy shit, A GIANT BAGEL" response.

So far the closest mondo-bagel artisan I've been able to find is located on Long Island, but if there's somewhere in closer or even in Westchester, that would be much, much easier for me. Yes, I have already asked my local bagel places if they would be willing to make a giant bagel, but to no avail.

Is there anywhere in the general NYC area that makes these?
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The Bagel Store in Brooklyn apparently has a giant bagel wheel.
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The Bagel Factory in the South Slope used to make these giant bagel wheels. Call first -- it's been a while since I lived nearby, and they got new management at some point.
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Better yet -- La Bagel Delight has them for sure. (check out that picture!)
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