How can I quickly obtain a pre-1996 Netscape SEC filing?
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How can I get a copy of Netscape's last prospectus prior to its Aug. 9, 1995, IPO, as quickly and cheaply as possible?

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission did not fully start posting online and backing up corporate filings until early/mid 1996. Netscape went public Aug. 9, 1995. I'd like to find the last amended prospectus it submitted to the SEC before its IPO. Assuming that, like most companies, the final prospectus was amended several times before the IPO, the document is probably Form S-1/A. (If it was not amended, it would just be Form S-1).

I'd like to read through this prospectus. I know it must exist somewhere, thanks to extensive Googling that has led me to a 2005 ebay auction of a paper version of the document, as well as many business school homework assignments in which students are asked to analyze the document. But I can't find the prospectus itself, even on, or, which are the best places I know to look.

The SEC has a public records request process, which I'll use if necessary. But I was hoping to incorporate information from Netscape's prospectus into a work I'll be completing Wednesday, and I don't expect the SEC to be able to work on my time line.

Help! Can you point me at for-pay websites, or public or university library systems accessible to residents of Portland, Ore., that I might be able to use to track down a copy of this document?
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Best answer: A Google search for "Netscape S1" leads to this pdf, dated June 23, 1995 hosted on Simson Garfinkel's site.
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Best answer: The Internet Archive's Wayback Machine has this prospectus, from August 8, 1995. I found a reference to the original url in this PDF and pulled it up in the Wayback Machine.
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Response by poster: You folks rock! I'll be marking your answers both as "best" as soon as I'm back at my computer and able to look through/verify the documents.
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