Life is a bowl of cherry tomatoes
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More Kitchen ID: Can you help me find a similar serving platter / bowl to the one shown in this picture?

This serving platter was on the table in a house we recently rented. I filled it with heirloom tomatoes and liked the look so much I wanted to get one for home. I wish I had photographed the bottom, but I believe it had the word "American" in the brand name and was made in China.
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It reminded me of this majolica serving platter. A bit more on Victorian majolica.
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That's not majolica. It looks to me like a modern embossed pottery dish in cobalt blue. Fiesta makes a dark blue, but no pattern on it.
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American Atelier Baroque
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...but I can't find it in blue. The pattern is exactly the same, though.
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Aha, thirteenkiller! In white?
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American Atelier Baroque oval serving platter, included in a "completer set." Only in ivory, seemingly.
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Yeah MonkeyToes, isn't that weird? I wonder if American Atelier made that design in blue for some particular store only? Or did the homeowner buy it in white and reglaze it? That seems unlikely. Does American Atelier have that pattern in blue under some other name? Has some other company ripped them off? (Also unlikely since it says American ___ on the dish.)
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Wow, that's definitely it... thanks! Now, how did it get so blue? I am tempted to find the homeowner and ask her. Who knows, maybe she'd make me one!

FWIW, if it were ripped off, that wouldn't surprise me greatly - I have seen at first hand the talent of some (Chinese) workshops at knocking out exact replicas. Some people probably have a egg chicken with my grandmother's name on the bottom.
posted by sagwalla at 2:28 PM on May 28, 2012 has an identification service. Maybe they'd be able to tell you if that pattern had been manufactured in blue under some other name or something.
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That's a great suggestion. Incidentally, thirteenkiller, were you able to find anything on the maker? I couldn't, at least on a quick search--but I found that odd, considering how many big name stores that brand shows up in. Department store brand from a "name" maker?
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Nope, no idea. The world of crockery is a mysterious place! Maybe people at would have some information.
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