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Is our town experiencing a live replay of a known video nasty?

Earlier this year, our small town primary school built a kitchen garden and a chicken house and acquired three hens and a rooster.

One night a few weeks ago, the lock on the chicken house door was broken and the chickens were stolen.

Last week a Grade 3 morning sports class discovered their headless, footless, rotting corpses, which had been delivered back to the school in the night and placed around the grounds. There was a note scratched in the dirt reading "HA HA I KEPT THE HEADS AND FEET".

Maggoty pet corpses and scratched notes at the village school look like hackneyed plot devices to me. I'm so not a splatter flick aficionado, but I wondered if any MeFite who is might recognize these incidents and identify a script? It would be nice to have some clue about where this could be headed next.
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So the elements are:

Set in a school
Chickens go missing
Chickens turn out to have been killed
Cryptic bragging messages left on school grounds

That does sound familiar. Your next step is to keep the little red haired girl away from the caretaker's cat.
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Have there been any news reports of this case, perhaps so we can see photographs of the messages? I would imagine something this unusual might be in the press.
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Sounds to me more like the work of a random sociopathic teenager with no particular intent other than to horrify. I'd be surprised if it were based on anything specific. Something similar happened at a school I went to as a child, asshole kids just do this sometimes. I wouldn't be trying to plan ahead of the killer's next move, soon enough they'll get bored of torturing animals and move on to date rape or something.

That said, it sounds like something Peter Wiggin in "Ender's Game" might do. I'm sure that's not what the perpetrator is intending to recreate though.
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I read a book of historical fiction ("The Walled Orchard" by Tom Holt) where the protagonist, a playwright, is threatened or perhaps cursed by a rival, by having a cock with its head and spurs cut off, shoved under the front door.
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Yeah, it sounds to me like a truly wretched human being just being an absolute and utter jerk because he is a teenager and thinks it is funny to upset children and kill animals. I don't think this is a specific imitation of anything, and it well might not escalate into anything worse. As if it needed to.

Man, this pushes my "Engage Vigilante Justice" button. Do you happen to have any of the particularly unstable Real-Life Superhero types about? This is something they could do which might actually be useful. (Fight crazy with crazy!)
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