Help me find these Yello lyrics?
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What are the lyrics to these three Yello songs?: "Le Secret Farida", "Santiago", "Crash Dance"

1) Le Secret Farida, from One Second (1987)

2) Santiago, from One Second (1987)

3) Crash Dance, from You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess (1983)

I'm thisclose to writing to the artists and asking them directly, but there's a non-zero chance someone here knows.
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I love Yello and these albums.

I'm under the impression the vocals in Crash Dance are glossolalia. I can't help you at all with the other tracks, I checked them out again in case there might have been some french vocals.

This is not helpful for your request, but the great thing about Yello's music is that the music is almost better when you don't understand the lyrics. It was the most thrilling, most imaginative music I heard when I was a child.
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