Natural purple self-sharpening eyeliner.
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Seeking natural/mineral-ish smooth self-sharpening eyeliner pencil recommendations.

Right now I wear this eyeliner from Target. I like the color a lot and I love how smooth it goes on. I do not, however, love how much of it I lose to sharpening. Even if I put it in the freezer and use a good sharpener as they recommended when I contacted Pixi customer service, I still end up with a lot of product in the sharpener and it has to be sharpened A LOT because it's so soft. It runs out pretty quickly. While it's paraben free and mineral oil free, I also prefer to only put things on my face with mostly natural ingredients. I tried the Body Shop's purple eyeliner pencil but it's way too hard and barely shows up.

Can anyone recommend me a smooth-drawing eyeliner pencil that comes in a dark purple or plum color, is natural-ish, and is self-sharpening (i.e. you turn the base to raise the product and don't have to use a sharpener)?

For a good product that will last more than a couple months, I'd be willing to pay up to $20, maybe more if it would last me several months since eyeliner and concealer are the only makeup I wear daily.

If someone also wants to throw out suggestions for a natural-ish cream undereye concealer, I'm game to hear those, too.

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I like the MAC Technakohl eye liners which slide on easily. There is a purple option, and they sell for $15. I use the blue, silver, and brown. Sadly, the web site has no information about the ingredients they use, so I can't guarantee that they're natural-ish.
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Would you consider a gel/cream eyeliner instead? You would need to apply with a brush instead, but the product would probably last you at least several months, if not a year, even with daily use.

I would recommend Bobbi Brown's gel liner in Violet Ink - the Bobbi Brown range is paraben free, and the gel liner gets excellent reviews. Here's a swatch - it looks deep enough to be plum to me.

I find it easiest to apply gel liners with a bent eyeliner brush, like the Sonia Kashuk bent liner brush.

If you definitely want an automatic pencil, Tarte (a natural-ish, paraben-free brand) has one you could check out, but the reviews aren't great. Sephora does have a fantastic return policy though, so you could buy it and return it if you don't like it after trying it out for a week.
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I just got a free sample of this eyeliner and I think it meets your bill. I happened to get it in Ransom which is a really nice purple and not super bright on me (fair skinned, hazel eyed, brunette).
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