part time jobs in Houston that pay $8.50 + / hr?
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part time jobs in Houston that pay $8.50 + / hr?

I work at Kroger's and it's O-K. Thought about becoming a delivery driver, but that seems like a mixed bag with wear and tear on car and gas.

What jobs can I do that are semi-easy and earn $8.50/ hr?

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I don't know anything about Houston or what they pay, but I do know that Starbucks is generally considered a decent place to work part-time.
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Visit Indeed and enter "-experience" in the "what" field you'll be able to find a variety of jobs in the area.
posted by livinglearning at 10:25 AM on May 27, 2012 is a job site that specializes in retail / entry level / part-time jobs.
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sweet. thanks for the replies so far! :)
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Lifeguard (here is one example, a little over $10/hour).
High school tutor (here is one example, $15 - $35/hour, obviously very part time)
Night stocker at HEB (here is one example, $10 - $13/hour)
Bank teller (example here, $11/hour)
Office personnel for storage places (example here, $10 - $12/hour)
Night security guard (example here, $11.44/hour)
UPS package handler (here, $8.50 - $9.50/hour)

Before switching jobs, I'd look up what HEB pays for equivalent jobs. With those rates in hand, talk to your manager about either an increase in your hourly rate or a move to a different department. For example, the service desk, night stockers, and front-end managers (managers of the checkers) usually make more.
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It looks like there are three Costco locations in the Houston area. I've heard they pay pretty decently (although I've never worked there).
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Seconding HEB. I worked there for years as a high school student in the late 90's and I made more than $8.50 an hour after about 18 months. I would think that fifteen years later, this would be easy to accomplish there. And back then at least, it was a good place to work.
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I shop at HEB. The main reason I shop there is the employees appear to be a lot happier about working there than the people at Kroger's and WalMart and Randall's
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Yeah, Kroger's doesn't pay us very much. We start at $7.35/hr. I think you make a little more as a checker, but I don't really want to do that. Just looking for a stable job that's $8 or more an hour ideally!
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