turning a page of links into a playlist
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Is there an addon for Firefox or Chrome that will scrape a page (like this one) for Youtube links and then put them all in a playlist?
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Great question. I don't have the answer, but found this:


Tried it with iPad and didn't work, but I'll try on a desktop browser later. This would be a great tool for the Blue!
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Just because you asked: The Playlist.

I've been pondering a web service that tracks newer posts to The Blue and The Green that will follow the post and comment RSS feeds and snarf out YouTube links. It's not quite finished yet, but the first draft is working (albeit a bit manually).

I have no idea what YouTube's limits are for playlist creation and API usage, or other places this type of thing may break.

I haven't seen a plugin, but I haven't looked to hard.
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And drat. I got a few 'too_many_recent_calls' and 'yt:validation required' errors doing that. (error checking is not implemented yet)

Any YouTube API users out there?
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