Where can I find these frames?
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I am trying to find these glasses: Steve Zahn in Treme. Looked on zenni and a few other sites, but had no success. Thanks for any leads or advice!
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The John Lennon collection has a few similar frames. These look really close.
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Response by poster: Thanks PhoB - I've looked through that collection. They're so close, but they're all too round
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Best answer: How about this pair from optometrist attic? It seems that "P3" is the common US name for this kind of frame.
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Response by poster: Thank you!! Great success!!
"Marshwood" P3 frames
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The Zahn one doesn't have nose pads. It seems to be closer to a straight Windsor with kinda triangular lenses, but I can't find a Windsor with temples that high. Could be Optician magic.
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Ah! I was trying to find the name for "bridge that's right on your nose" but didn't know how to search for it. Thanks to the Windsor link on that page, I found that it is called a "saddle bridge." That should help you if you want to find an exact match.
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