Mastering ramen.
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Find me a month-long cooking class in Japan.

I want to travel to Japan for a month. Instead of the usual tourist wandering, I'd like to focus on developing a new skill. Namely, cooking.

Is anyone familiar with cooking classes somewhere in Japan? I'd be ok with a month-long deep exploration of just ramen, or something with a little more variety. Timing is flexible. And language... well, English would help. If there's a great non-english option I might be able to make that work too.

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A month is probably way beyond the length of time for most courses available in English for tourists (though who knows what you could arrange with a local ramen place?). Perhaps a couple three/four-day courses?
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I'm not a huge fan of most group cooking classes, especially ones abroad for Americans. Like tour groups, they're geared to the common denominator, rarely justify their high price, and offer only a faint whiff of real local soul.

If you're clever and persistent about it, you can network toward some excellent home cooking grandma or noodle shop to apprentice with. Less glamorous, less purely didactic, but I'd bet anything you'd come back with a better touch for cooking this stuff.
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Tsukiji Soba Academy

I swear when I last looked at this (like a year ago) the classes were for a span of a month. Now it looks like the most is 10 days but I thought it was worth mentioning..
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How much are you willing to pay? Is ramen what you are most interested in?
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Japanese food and culinary culture, a four week program

ABC Cooking studio has one day classes in English, but you could email them and find out what else they offer.
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Try WAK (Women's Association Kyoto) -- they have cooking amongst other things!
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You should get in touch with Keizo at He's an award-winning American ramen chef in Tokyo. Tell him I sent you.
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