Broken Temporary Crown?
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Temporary crown on back molar fell off in two pieces, won't stay on with dental cement. I have the appointment to get the permanent put on on Tuesday--what do I do between now and then to minimize the chance of having to go through the whole process again?

Can I leave the crown off and only consume liquids? This isn't a root canaled tooth, but it doesn't feel particularly sensitive. It does hurt when I try to put the crown back on. I can't call my dentist because they're out of the office, and I'm anxious about going to any other dentist because I *do* have the permanent crown appointment for Tuesday.
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If it's not sensitive, then yes, leave temporary off. The temporary crown is made to protect the tooth from exposure to stimulation that may hurt: cold, hot, acidity, being bitten against. It also keeps teeth from drifting, but you are saying this is a last tooth, so there isn't a problem with a tooth behind drifting forward. Four days isn't a long time for this to happen though.

Keep tooth clean, it may be a little sensitive to brush, but do anyway, use a water temperature that's comfortable.

As far as eating, you don't have to go to a liquid diet. As long as it's not something with real crunch/firmness and you bite down directly on the prepped tooth, there's not a huge chance you will damage the tooth.

Ice cold beverages may give you zingers, so use caution there. Hold your tongue over the tooth while sipping, through a straw helps too.
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As a cautionary measure, take a walk to the drugstore and get a bottle of clove oil or a tube of mouth-numbing gel like anbesol, or whatever your local ____caine version is. Clove oil is the best thing I have ever learned about 20 years too late.

You may not need it, but if you do then having a solution to hand is way less stressful than having to leave your home [especially since this always happens after the drugstore is closed].

I am frequently in a situation like yours [including right now, though my appointment is for monday] and I have learned that the biggest danger is simply food getting into your gums and staying there. If you're seeing the dentist in a few days, I think that you are pretty safe on that front. You can totally eat regular food, but don't chew with that tooth, though!

Good luck! It should be fine.
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Does your dentist have an emergency number? My husband's temporary crown fell off one Friday evening. His appointment was for the following week. He called his dentist's emergency number and, luckily, the crown had come in and his dentist told him to come by on Sunday evening to get it completed. At least it is worth a try.
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Do not eat on that side. You really really don't want to crack what's left of your tooth. That would be MIGHTY expensive. In fact, do not eat anything hard (you may forget that you're not eating on that side and shift something over there...). Depending on the area, you may be able to fit some dental wax in there to keep it covered, but maybe not.

I would not recommend numbing the area for the reasons above. Unless you're in pain (which you shouldn't be) it would be better to feel what's going on over there so you don't do any damage to the exposed area.
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