Finding a tall blonde hunk in Dublin
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Handcuffing the groom to a midget on his stag do is an immoral and degrading tradition. So, we want to find a gorgeous, very tall, blonde Atlas of a hunk to handcuff him to, in Dublin. Where should I look? Modelling agencies? Dating website?
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A local gym, where you'll find someone looking to earn a few Euros for a bit of fun.
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Craigslist? Either way, that's the wierdest tradition I've ever heard of.
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Gay escort service?
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Google "male stripper Dublin" and go from there. In the US it is not uncommon to hire a stripper for private bachelor/bachelorette parties.
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Response by poster: I was hoping to get someone cold and unforgiving. Still, the stripper idea is a good one...
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As you conduct your search please be aware that the term midget is just about universally not preferred, most consider it offensive, and many consider it a slur. It refers to people as insects, specifically midges, and is seen as offensive by both the Little People's Association of America and, more locally, the Restricted Growth Association of the UK.

You may have trouble finding a male stripper for this specific request. The standard routine is something like a half hour, and being handcuffed to someone brings up all kinds of potential safety issues. However, so long as you are willing to compensate them for their time and pay for drinks, you will probably be able to find someone even if it is not directly through an agency.

I would start out by asking agencies, through their mechanisms for asking for quotes, for advice about how to pull this off and suggestions for entertainers who might be willing to do it. Be upfront about how the model will have a key at all times, the compensation you are willing to offer per hour, and the level of nekkedness you are looking for (shirtless? shirtless sometimes?).

Believe me they get much weirder requests than yours.
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Best answer: Are you in Dublin? You could try looking into googling something like a life model (who sits for drawing classes). Otherwise maybe getting in touch with the lads in the gay rugby team Emerald Warriors, they might be into a stunt to raise some money for their team or individually. They are fairly hulking, and not going to get their knickers in a twist about it being a lad you want yer groom cuffed to. But of course, then it is important that the point of the gag isn't broishly vaguely homophobic.
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