Children's albums with a theme.
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Help me find children's music albums that tells a story or has a theme.

We love listening to music with our 2-year-old. So far, Sesame Street's Bert and Ernie's Sing Along and Laurie Berkner's Rocketship Run have been the biggest hits for everyone because they sort of tell a simple story or have a theme throughout the album. I am looking for more of the same type of thing.
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Maybe a bit too much for a 2 year old to process, but the Los Lobos album, "Papa's Dream" is great. It's a narrative story by Papa Lalo Guerrero that wonderfully incorporates songs by the band.
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How about Birds, Beasts, Bugs & Fishes Little & Big: Animal Folk Songs by Pete Seeger? Theme, yes. Story, no.
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Walking Through the Jungle?
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It's really all about The Point! The story may be a little advanced for a two-year old, but it's a delightful parable about valuing one's own uniqueness, and the music is by Harry Nilsson. The CD comes with a storybook, making it easy to follow, and there's also an animated film out on DVD.
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Really Rosie!
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They Might Be Giants - Here Come the 123s. Fun songs about numbers. My 2-year-old likes the DVD, too.
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Baby Loves HipHop, "Dino5"! A favorite with my three-year-old daughter for some time now.
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Disney used to do this....we had the one from 101 Dalmatians.
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They Might Be Giants' Here Comes Science is another theme album I'd recommend.
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Recess Monkey came out with an album last year called "Flying", which is all superhero related (not like the Avengers, but more about kids stuffed animals flying around, or being brave by telling the truth). They are a group of 3 school teachers who makes up an amazing band. I think they have about 7 albums out, all of them are great. The older ones have more of a Beatles vibe to them, but this one has a little more of a rock edge to it. Definitely worth checking out!

Flying (MP3)
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Disney still does those records, but their insanely media-packed website put me off the search. Yes, we had a subscription to that series growing up. Cinderella, 101 Dalmatians, the Aristocats, the Rescuers - all the movies had an LP version. Looks like they've kept up the tradition. They were really pretty good.

Peter and the Wolf. I had this one, b/w Sorcerer's Apprentice. At that price, looks like I shoulda kept it.

Free to Be You and Me was a favorite of mine.
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I also showed up, as I always do when the slightest opportunity arises, to recommend They Might Be Giants. As mentioned above, there are "Here Come the 123's" and "Here Comes Science", but the one that's in the most regular rotation for me personally is "Here Come The ABC's". (Yes, I'm 32. So what? But it can't be just me-- "The Alphabet of Nations" is a regular part of their live show.)

"No!" is also a children's album, but it doesn't have a theme. And the bonus is that it's They Might Be Giants, and they are awesome, and apart from the themes the only difference between the kids' albums and the "adult" albums is that the kids' albums have fewer severed heads! So it's still great! And more or less educational! Kind of! Sometimes!
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Perhaps a little old for your kid, but I loved my copy of the Jungle Book soundtrack as a young boy. On vinyl no less.
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My kids (3 and 5) go bananas for soundtracks of stuff, like Seussical (the musical - we had just seen the play), Frog and Toad (ditto), and the Wizard of Oz (fast forwarding scary parts, of which there are several).
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