What's the best way to migrate from local to IMAP in Thunderbird?
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I need to migrate about 5gb+ of email from the local folders in Thunderbird to IMAP in Thunderbird. There are a lot of folders and a lot of subfolders, and migrating them "manually" has really been a pain in the ass. I've got about a third of the folders over, but I'd love to hear a better solution that will actually keep the folder structure in place correctly, not randomly. Perhaps there's an add-on for this? Cheers.
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Hmm. If your local mail is in mbox (like how, I think, Thunderbird stores messages on Linux), you might try IMAP Upload. I have never tried it, but it seems like it might do what you want.
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I have moved all my local folders to gmail, and I read them through Thunderbird.
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If you're on a Mac, this may be useful.
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