Help me watch Eurovision in public in Edinburgh
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ScotlandFilter: Help me watch Eurovision tomorrow. I'm in Edinburgh for the weekend for a friend's wedding. I have Saturday night free, and I'd love to be able to find a pub where I can watch Eurovision in all its bizarre glory. I know almost nothing about the town, though--can anyone suggest a place to me?
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While I am sure you will find a place somewhere, I think the vast majority of pubs will be showing the England vs Norway football friendly tomorrow night (with most of the customers supporting Norway naturally!)

Have a look at some of the places on George St. They tend to be a bit more hipster-y and more likely to be showing Eurovision than the football.
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oh and the places close to the University along Nicolson Street might show it too.

Good luck!
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A few of my mates mentioned on facebook they're going to watch it on the big screen at Festival Square. Not entirely sure you're legally allowed to drink there, but I certainly got the impression carry-outs were being prepared.
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The Boda Bar on Leith Walk - one of several Swedish-run pubs in the area - is having a Eurovision party tomorrow night. Nearby is the Victoria, a sister pub to the Boda, I think, which will also be showing the final. These would be great places to go - Swedes love a bit of Eurovision.
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Just noticed that the Eurovision party the Boda is showing on the website there is actually at the Victoria, so head there.
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The top of Leith Walk is probably your best bet, lots of both gay and Swedish bars so you should be able to find somewhere showing Eurovision.
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