Cheese in every fondue pot! Two motorcycles in every garage for a mouse named Ralph!
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What to call a presidential mouse and her twin sister? My library's Summer Reading Program mascots need names!

For the Summer Reading Program, my library hides a cut-out of a character somewhere in the library. We show them an identical cut-out and if they find her lost twin they get a prize. This year the artwork we're using is of a mouse who happens to be both a president and a lady. She and her twin -- the Squeaker of the House -- need names. Any suggestions?

The theme this year is "Dream Big" with lots of outer space imagery so I thought of names like Andromeda & Astrid or sun/moon names like Surya & Selena. Perhaps presidential names like Verity & Charisma? Maybe a last name too! President Colby: An American cheese for American mice! Give me your mousy puns, please! Thank you in advance.
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Athena and Andromeda Jones? Jacqueline and Charity de Cheddar?

BTW, that logo is super precious.
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Sich a great idea! How old is your audience?
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One could be "Madam Squeaker"
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I like Limburger or another cheese pun for a surname.

How about looking to past First Ladies for first names? Hannah and Hillary Limburger? Anna and Abigail de Cheddar?
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Brie and Bleu Columbia
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President Prima Bigcheese and her sister SueƱa Bigcheese
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Madam Edam Longhorn, Squeaker of the House, and her sister, President Brie Longhorn

Mozzarella "Ella" Swiss and Colby Swiss

Pepper Jack Queso and Fresco Queso
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My first thought was Eleanor and Martha. And then I saw that you were considering puns/cheese names, and I thought some more, and...I still like Eleanor and Martha.
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Agreed: Eleanor & Martha give you string names that also might push the kids to look up the namesakes. Eleanor Cheddarmelt!
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Tympan and Frisket.
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Monterey Jacqueline

Baberaham Weenkin
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Hmmmm, good names for a Commander in Cheese...
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How old is your audience?

This is my first year participating in this library's SRP traditions so I'm not sure how old the mouse-finders are but I'm thinking kindergarten to grade 3?

Definitely going with Commander in Cheese and Squeaker of the House as their occupations!
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I really like the idea of using either first ladies, female politicians, or female protagonists in books your students might be reading. Ramona and Claudia? Hillary and Michele? Hermione and Fern?
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Hillary and Michele?

It depends on the local community of course, but if I was naming 2 mascots after political figures, I'd want bipartisan representation.

So Hillary and Condoleezza?

Or Michele and Laura?
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Madam Alice Longworth Longhorn, Squeaker of the House

Madam President Dolley Hoban Longhorn
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Susan Brie Anthony and Geraldine Fontina.
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I want to cast a vote for Eleanor Cheddarmelt! Cheddarmelt is an excellently presidential name.

(On the other hand, if this were being done around here, the names would likely be more multicultural... but for that I've got nothing.)
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I like Eleanor, but I'm pushing for Abigail over Martha!

So Eleanor could be the Commander in Cheese (aka The Big Cheese) and Abigail is the Squeaker of the House.

And kids that age are probably going to be most familiar with common cheeses, like Cheddar or Swiss, over Brie.

Of course, Brie is a French cheese, and Swiss is, well, Swiss. If one of them is the President, they really should be named after American cheeses, or you'll end up fending off demands that you produce little mice birth certificates (the long form) for the twins.

Maybe you could go for the mice reference and make them Abigail and Eleanor Field? We all know they are Field Mice!
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May I suggest that teleri025's suggestion of Susan Brie Anthony should really hang out with Elizabeth Cady Stilton?
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President Eleanor Cheddarmelt Field, Commander in Cheese

Madame Abigail Longworth Field, Squeaker of the House

Cheddarmelt, Susan Brie Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stilton--you guys are so good!
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Folks, I sent your suggestions to my coworkers just in time for the long weekend that prevents us from actually meeting to discuss the naming! It'll get decided in the next week or so and I'll let you know what their names end up being. Thanks for making my first AskMeFi post so fun!
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The votes are in, Susan Brie Anthony has won the election! As has Elizabeth Cady Stilton. :)

Thanks again!
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