Seattle bar crawl
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You work in Seattle. Your boss cuts you loose at noon on Friday. You decide it is a nice afternoon for a bar crawl. What places do you hit?
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What part of Seattle? If location is no object, Fremont Brewing is so worth a visit. Always amazing and innovative beer. Plus Brouwers is nearby, and they have tons of amazing brews on tap, plus food and scotches with a beer-monk decor.

If you're Hill-focused, Quinn's is good for craft beer and small snacks.

Or if you're in east Seattle, check out Bottlehouse. Super casual, incredible wines and beers. Lovely back deck. With the cheese and carpaccio plates you won't be disappointed.
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My workplace is near Lake Union, so I'd immediately head to Fremont. Maybe start at the Nickerson Saloon, but head to Fremont before long-- 9 Million, Brouwers, Red Door before the college kids move in.

Or I could head south to SLU: Brave Horse Tavern and drink with the Amazon crowd, Paddy O'Coynes, maybe happy hour at the Lunchbox Laboratory.

If I was on the Hill, I'd probably start at Pine Box and stay there until Sunday.

Belltown and Ballard are easy-- Start at one end of 2nd Ave or Ballard Ave, respectively, and stop drinking when you're out of money. Mama's in Belltown for lunch, or People's Pub in Ballard.

Can we get an approximate location? And have a happy nooner!
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Response by poster: Location is not a factor. I can get anywhere. I am retired and I am always looking for somewhere new to go for an afternoon.
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Stumbling Monk in Capitol Hill
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If you're in Ballard, don't miss the Copper Gate just because it's not on the main drag (it's on 24th around 63rd). It's brilliant and you can get aquavit and swedish meatballs while looking at cheesy soft-porn velvet paintings.
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