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I'm trying to find a French food website that I used to use a lot but seem to have lost. What details I remember are inside...

It was produced by an older man with a grey moustache and the site used very old-time Victorian engravings as page graphics. It started with mostly just recipes but he branched out into short-ish video tutorials regarding dicing, knife techniques and the most recent one I recall was how to use a whisk effectively. The videos had a short honky-tonk style piano intro that sounded a little like "The Entertainer" from The Sting. The videos were about 5 minutes long.

The site had a wealth of details classic French recipes that were loosely organised via simple groups eg "beef", "fish" etc etc and were quite advanced.

I used to get email updates before I figured out RSS feeds and I think that they came from a domain that had either holtzman or holzman in it.

Does this ring any bells? I have Googled and gone through my browsing history to no avail.
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Maybe the videos are hosted on YouTube or Vimeo? Most likely the website will be mentioned in the description.
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Best answer: I bookmarked this once upon a time! "A la carte"
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Response by poster: That's it! Hertzmann, not Holtzman! Thank you SO much!
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