Where's the best place to buy home electronics in the Twin Cities?
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Where should I go in the Twin Cities to buy an audio-video setup to fit a somewhat specific situation?

I'm looking to fit a new TV/TiVo/maybe other items into a specific space and am also hoping to have it work with some kind of wireless headphone setup. Possibly other features depending on what home electronics can do these days - I don't really know. The real question is, I'm going to be pressed for time in shopping, and don't want to spend a lot of time comparison shopping. So where can I go in the Twin Cities for good customer service that will help me figure out exactly what hardware will give me the setup that I want? Bonus points for installation services. Good deals are nice, but I'm willing to pay a bit more to get one-stop-shopping and the kind of customer service that makes you walk out feeling like you accomplished something, not thinking "I hope this all works."
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Hey, fellow citian, awesome. Obviously there's Best Buy for this sort of thing, but it sounds like you want something more personal. Simdex (http://www.simdex.org/index.php/it-consulting) is a great place for consult services, especially if you're willing to go out and purchase products yourself. I'm not sure how high-end you want to go with your setup, but http://www.entertainmentdesigns.tv/home.html is good for fancy arrangements, as far as I've heard.
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Audio King/Ultimate Electronics used to be my favourite place for actual customer service and decent prices.

Now I'd say maybe Microcenter? The knowledgeableness of their employees isn't always the greatest these days, but they still have a few enthusiastic nerds on staff.
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Audio Perfection? More for one-stop shopping and personalization is pretty much what they're selling.
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