Arizona: What's the best place to catch a view of the city at night?
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In Phoenix/Scottsdale Arizona. What's the best place to catch a view of the city at night?

My Fiancé and I are in the Phoenix area this week and want to catch a romantic view of the city at night. Easy access for someone w/ disability. Ideally drive or tall tower. Whats good in the area? We're looking for something that we can look out to the city, take some photos and trade kisses.
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You want South Mountain. You can drive up from the entrance at the very south end of Central Avenue, and there are views from the parking lot area at the top.
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Seconding South Mountain
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One word of caution: that entrance closes shortly before sunset (7:25 PM these days, IIRC). You'll want to be on the mountain before then -- if you head out at midnight hoping to get up, you'll be sorely disappointed.
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South Mountain is great, although I think there's a time after which they stop letting people in the park. Another good place to go would be Rustler's Rooste, a campy western-themed faux-fancy steakhouse with tons of windows overlooking south Phoenix, Tempe and Mesa.
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Seconding the above, especially Rustler's Rooste. It is kitschy and memorable, from the live bull out front to the optional slide you can ride from the entry down to the dining floor. The steaks are ok, but the view is great.
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Nth-ing South Mountain, or if you're looking for more of a building, the Compass Room is a (kind of pricy) restaurant on top of the Hyatt downtown. It spins.
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I too am nthing South Mountain.

I grew up at the base of the mountain at 22nd Street. Our house was on stilts to take advantage of the slope and the front of the house was all glass. You have an amazing view from the south.

There are some ramadas (that's what they call the pavillions) at South Mountain park, but outdoors in the evening, that's when the critters come out, so you may not be interested. (I wouldn't be)

Rustlers Rooste is at The Point South Mountain off of Baseline and 48th (I believe), personally, I'd go for Mexican food at Poncho's on Central Ave, north of Baseline, south of Southern, on the west side of the street. Have an early dinner, try to get the table with the mural commemorating President Clinton's visit to eat a plate of nachos. Also, have a cheese crisp.

Then head over to Rustler's Rooste for an evening cocktail.

Have fun!
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