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Olympic Drug-Testing Statistics Filter - How can I track "total number of drug tests failed" as a statistic during the 2012 Olympic Games in London?

We are trying to make a fun office pool around the Olympic Games this summer - and our questions do not always focus on the positive side of the Olympics?

The media controlling the event does not exactly publicize certain statistics. We have figured out how to track most of our more zany stats ourselves, but we are not sure about drug testing statistics - mostly because we do not really know enough about Olympic drug testing.

We know the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) publishes lists of failed drug tests for each Olympics. A good over / under number for total failed drug tests during the 2012 Olympics is about 15 (or, so it seems to us, by reviewing previous Olympics and other info at the WADA web-site.)

But, aren't most of those failed tests announced long after the Olympics are over?

Our office pool will end with the Closing Ceremony. Does WADA announce failed tests during the Olympics themselves? If so, what percentage of drug test fails are announced while the Olympics are still happening?

Any ideas on how we can easily track drug-test fails during the olympics?
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