Planning mobile versions of websites
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Been asked to come up with a sketch of a proposed mobile version of a Wordpress website. Any good resources for this?

On a low budget, I'd like to come up with a simple "responsive" adaptation of this small business's site. The plan is for it to have reasonably cool features for adjusting to different screen widths. But not too generic.

I'm used to coming up with plans for desktop sites so I'm in new territory and wonder if there are any good templates or other handy guidelines out there for this. I have heard of "media queries" but have not had a chance to get familiar with them yet. Any help much appreciated.
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Go to Google and put in:
how to make wordpress themes responsive

The above search will give you tons of tutorials and ideas. You'll learn about how to create new responsive themes as well as using CSS3 Media Queries to convert existing Wordpress themes.

The above search is your best guide. It will return you hundreds of ideas you can put to use immediately.

Good luck!
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This is a worthwhile read:

Responsive Web Design
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Possibly related article: "New, Radically Simplified Wordpress is On The Way."
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There's a responsive skin and child theme for Thesis. This link is to the article about it on DIY Themes that appeared a couple of weeks ago.
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