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My wife and I text each other a lot throughout the day - enough that I go over my one zillion text per month limit. An upgrade to the next level (unlimited) would be $30/month. What's the best, most seamless way to get free (or very low cost) texting? I only need it to work between the two of us; I can use regular texting for others.

We're both on Android, both on Verizon. I currently use GoSMS for regular texting. The more this acts like regular, built-in texting, the better.

Must also allow MMS (pic and video) messages, which I believe rules out Google Voice.
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Would switching to iPhones be an option? I can't say it's the best, but it would certainly be the most seamless method I can think of.
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Also, is there a reason having an IM program -- I think I used eBuddy when I had an Android phone, but that was a while ago -- running at all times isn't an option?
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Could you use imo, on top of any existing accounts you already have? (FB, Talk, etc.)
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I use Handcent for text messages, and I think the (optional) "Handcent Network" does this - I don't use it. Bonus: it supports cross-platform/network Emoji.
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Best answer: I use What's App.
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(Sorry, should qualify that that requires you to have a data plan.)
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Well, you could use google voice for regular texts and whatever you've got on the verizon plan for MMS.

My ATT plan gives us texting between the family unlimitedly, is switching carriers an option?
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I came to say that all the cool kids are using What's App these days, but I see that amro and miss_kitty_fantastico have beaten me to it.
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Bear in mind that it uses your data allowance though, so keep an eye on your usage if you don't have an unlimited data plan.
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Try Google Voice for the Droid, or get each of you a (free) Skype acct and use the messaging capability within that.
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Use the GoChat built into GoSMS? I'm pretty sure that it goes over the Data side of things, not the SMS.
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Response by poster: Nope, iPhone is not an option.

And I'd imagine running an IM app all the time would be kinda battery intensive.
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Oh, if you're heavily Google-centric, each of you sign up for Google Voice numbers and text back and forth through them. Bonus, you can keep the site open on your computer and respond from there too.
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WhatsApp has push notification, so that solves your battery life issue. App doesn't have to run all the time.
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I chat with my wife over Google Talk constantly and it doesn't use an appreciable amount of battery power. It doesn't do pictures but I imagine Whatsapp doesn't use tons of power either.

In general, apps don't eat battery in Android if you're not actively using them unless they are badly written. An app can be basically non-running except for a placeholder and you'll still get incoming messages.

Also, GoSMS has some kind of free text system called GoChat built in. Haven't looked into it myself but it might be worth investigating.
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Don't worry about your data plan. You could text until your hands bleed, and it wouldn't add up to an appreciable amount of data. One character is one byte, so you'd have to type a million characters to even rack up one megabyte. That's about four thousand pages.
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Spouse & I have Android phones, and we text continually thru the day with the Google Talk app. This is free and does not impact your phone carrier's text message plan. Data usage is minimal. Messages in the app arrive by "push" notifications and do not kill the battery in any noticeable fashion that I've seen.
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Husband and I also use google talk on android phones. If we need to send pictures we use gmail to send the photo. I do wish that my phone had a better gchat widget (it has a nice little sms messages one), but i just put the talk app icon onto my main home screen & click through the message notifications in the notification drawer when a message comes in. I believe there are widgets I could download & add, but I don't miss one THAT much.
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My best friends and I use Facebook Messenger for this. Search in old conversations is pretty good and you can resume a conversation seamlessly in a web browser. You can attach images, include your location, and see a timestamp to know whether the other person has read your message. Works much better on my Android phone than Google Voice does.
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Use GoSMS built-in direct message function. You could also use twitter, which has a direct message function.
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Facebook Messenger doesn't act like built-in Android texting, but that's a feature for me, because I hate how that app works. However, I may be totally wrong about how Android works in general because my phone is by HTC, so it's heavily customized.
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Sorry to reply yet again, but I doubt you want to use Twitter DMs. Twitter only lets users access the 100 most recent messages, and images are uploaded to an external service where they will be viewable by pretty much anyone via URL (if they go to your Twitter profile and look at "recent images"), which is nothing like how SMS works.
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you can run texts though google voice.
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I use whatsapp. Uses hardly any data, and is very user-friendly
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If you both have Android, Google Talk is the way to go. I'm signed in all day with no appreciable different in battery usage. You also get conversation history in GMail too. Just use text plans for MMS.
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I came to recommend What's App, so i guess now i'm seconding it.

It's like blackberry messenger for people without blackberries. (ie free instant texting!) It's great, i use it on my Android phone.
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How often do you actually send pictures/video? I use Google Voice for texts and email for pics/video. Both go over my data plan, so I don't even have a text messaging plan with Verizon, just voice and data.

Maybe if you do it super often this is annoying, IDK. Although really I don't understand why people use texts over email (which is like the same thing but without any size-chunking issues), but maybe I'm just old.
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Kik. I use it to text my friend in Newfoundland (no international fees), and it's great!
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I don't use it often myself, but my friends swear by TextPlus. The app works both on iPhones and Android.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone! Gonna try whatsapp first.
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Try Kakaotalk it is a pretty robust and quick messaging app. I've been pleased with its performance. Or if you're into celebrating your relationship there is between which is a one to one couples messaging app. Not as fluid for messaging though.
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andendau beat me to it. Kakaotalk is the program my wife's friend introduced her to, then she to me, then when my family back home finally got smart phones, I had them download it. Free (you can pay to get silly emoticons, but there's no need), and simple.
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thirding kakaotalk.
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Just use google talk? It doesn't take hardly any battery at all and it's already installed on your phone. Seriously.

If you can't do that, use google voice, which is also exceptionally easy. If you really want it to go through your GoSMS, you can grab the new "Google Voice Full Integration"

But if you want to have instant on, no lag conversations, just use google talk. It won't use any more battery than installing another app that will require a constant-on data connection. Your persistent screen-on is using more than anything else. If you're at work and near a pc, just get a usb cable and plug the silly thing in.
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Oops, there is also this new-ish app specifically for a connection to a single person. Check it out too. Pair.
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If both of you have android phones, I am assuming you have a data plan.
Why not simply email each other?
I personally hate text, the back and forth. Short messages, getting duplicates, overall texting was a great tool in 2001 with dumbphones, but email is seamless, and overall most of the time just as quick.
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I have no idea why you wouldn't just use Google Talk.

The only reason to use anything else is if one of you had an iPhone, where Google Talk sucks. On Android, it's everything that text messages are and more, and it's free, and it does push notifications, and you can seamlessly switch between your phone and a computer, and doesn't appreciably shorten battery life, and ... you get the idea. Hell, on newer phones it even does video.

Nothing else that I've used comes close, unless you have to talk to people with iPhones, or dumbphones, or who aren't on GTalk. So you are basically the perfect use case for it.
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What about GoSMS's built-in GoChat option? Isn't that free?
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