What to do on a honeymoon in Vancouver?
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Vancouver honeymoon: what to do?

I asked a question about my upcoming honeymoon a while back but, for a variety of reasons, we've had to change our plans a bit. We'll now be spending our honeymoon almost exclusively in Vancouver.

This question from last year has some good tips, and my previous question does, too (we'll definitely be going to Miku).

The general tips in those two threads are awesome, but I'm wondering if there are any interesting things happening specifically during the week of July 1 - 8(ish).

Specifics for the time frame mentioned, as well as more general things not already mentioned in the previous threads that I've linked to are both welcome.

Also of note: in my previous question I noted that we'd be driving; we'll now be flying, instead.
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Doesn't match your timeframe precisely, but the week after is cycling's BC Superweek.
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Drive the Sea to Sky highway and go up to Whistler for the day. It's beautiful, you can stop and do some sightseeing along the way (waterfalls and such), and Whistler is a pretty nice place to spend the day (walk around, have a good meal, enjoy nature and people watching). You can get back to Vancouver the same day and the whole thing can cost as much or as little as you want.
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Van Dusen gardens is really pretty right now, inexpensive, and they have started serving a high tea that could be fun after a stroll through the grounds.
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I thought the ferry ride to Vancouver Island was pretty spectacular. The island was fine too.
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Hike Grouse Mountain.
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Tour Granville Island, walk Stanley Park seawall, visit the aquarium - you can likely do all these in one day.
Day trip to Vancouver Island or Salt Spring island. Capilano suspension bridge is nice, as is Lighthouse Park in North Van.
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