BCBS PPO therapists in Buffalo/WNY
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I am looking for a general purpose LCSW/psychologist/therapist in the Buffalo, NY area (northtowns preferred). I'm looking for someone young, and they need to accept a BCBS PPO insurance plan. Seeking recommendations, or suggestions on how to search better.

I've had a frustrating time finding a therapist in Western New York (the Buffalo northtowns) who accepts my Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO plan. I'm fresh out of college and can't afford out-of-network costs, but the search process for someone in-network has been fraught.

I feel MUCH more comfortable talking with someone close-ish to my age (I'm early 20s, but obviously I'd be looking at late 20s, 30s-ish), but the out-of-date and fairly limited BCBS online provider database doesn't provide a way to search by age. Neither do the dozens of other spammy yellowpages-esque therapist directory websites that litter Google search results. I guess this isn't a typical requirement in this type of search, but it's important to me.

I don't particularly care about different schools of therapy, although I tend to shy away from anything that brings spirituality or any arguably pseudo-scientific elements into the picture.

Ultimately there are just a lot of names out there, and so little information on most of them. Recommendations would be so helpful, or if you have thoughts on how I can search better, that would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks MeFi!
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My first suggestion is usually Psychology Today's Find A Therapist tool, since it allows you to filter by insurance, zip codes, and issues you might like to work on. Many providers upload photos which can help you guesstimate age. (First, you'll need to select the general area; when you get to the first results page, there are filters in the left sidebar.)
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You should try calling Suburban Psychiatric Associates. They have a location in the Northtowns and a large number of providers in their office.
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