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Looking for a way to migrate my bookmarks/Favorites list from one PC to other

Here is the thing.

I am changing job and my office laptop has a very good bookmark list in Mozilla browser which I have made over years.

I will be handing over my laptop before I leave, but I want to "export" my favorite's list before that, and when I get a new personal laptop, "import" it to the new PC.

Is there any way (or tool) to do it.
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Firefox? Bookmarks - show all bookmarks - Import and Backup

You can do a backup and then import that backup file onto your other PC, probably simplest to email the file to yourself.
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How to sync Firefox settings between computers.

Chrome does this pretty painlessly too if you want to export them from Firefox and then import them into Chrome. How to Sync Chrome Bookmarks.

Someone just answered this while I was typing, so perhaps this is redundant.
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I'd recommend using a bookmark synchroniser such as Xmarks to do this.
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The last few times I've switched computers/reinstalled Windows, I've used Mozbackup for this. It's really easy to use and actually lets you export your entire profile (including cookies, browser history etc) should you wish to do so.
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Second Xmarks - easy to upload, download, and manage across any number of browsers, clients, and OSes.
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Kind of hoping you really mean Mozilla, and not Firefox
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If you copy the contents of the profile folder of the first machine and put them into the profile folder of the new one, it should be seamless.
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Nthing Xmarks which I have been using for years. It's great.
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