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I just bought a Fitbit and I want to play around with their API.

PHP is my language of choice, which they support. It seems that the first step is to install the PECL Oauth extension. My PHP site is hosted by GoDaddy. I'm confused about if this extension is already installed and, if not, how to install it. Any help would be much appreciated.

Also, note that on the page I linked to, Fitbit says, "You can also consider using Fitbit PHP Client library contributed by third party developers, which will significantly reduce complexity of your development efforts." I can't seem to find any third-party libraries, but I'd much prefer going that route, if possible. A point in the right direction there would be helpful as well.
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Are you on twitter? The fitbit people are active on there...they may be able to help you directly...
posted by dfriedman at 9:32 AM on May 24, 2012

Here's one:
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FitbitPHP on GitHub appears to be the client library they're referring to. (As found on their API Client Libraries wiki page.)
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Awesome. It looks like that client library still requires oAuth though:

Meaning, I still need somehow get Oauth installed.
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You'll probably need a dedicated server if you want to stay with GoDaddy:
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Oh man. Thanks stinks! I guess I could just run PHP off of my Mac.
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you could run it off a free EC2 instance...
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Fitbit has an API?! Awesome, thanks!
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Oddly enough, I went with namewithoutwords' advice. I created a free EC2 instance, installed PHP, installed PECL Oauth extension, and now I'm off an running. EC2 is pretty amazing.

Thanks for the help everyone.
posted by JPowers at 12:32 AM on May 25, 2012

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