Drowning in books!
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Detroit Filter: Where can I sell my old novels, textbooks, children's books, and test prep books for cash?

Due to a cross-country moved scheduled on Saturday morning, I'd like to be rid of these books by Friday afternoon. Bookscouter.com suggests that no online store is interested in purchasing the following:
- SAT/ACT/SATII/AP/A-level test prep books from 2006-2010,
- Cliff's Notes and Sparknotes literature guides,
- advanced/honors/IB/AP/A-level high school and honors-level college textbooks,
- British A-level workbooks in the sciences, and
- novels worth $20 each.

Please help me out!
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Donate them to Goodwill and get the tax deduction. I tried to sell off my library 8 months ago on ebay, including (once) collectible books and signed first editions, and I barely got enough to make the project worthwhile. I then tried to give them away via craigslist and other resources, and no one responded.
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King's Books!
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The Wayne State bookstore might be a better bet for the textbooks.
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I used to own a secondhand bookshop. I used to specialize in non fiction books and still out of what you listed I would most likely have only been interested in the novels. If they are worth 20 new I could have sold them for about $8 bucks and would have given you $2-4 for them depending on condition, this is in Australia second hand books in the US sell for a lot less. You might get something for the text and workbooks if they are no more than a year or so old and in clean condition selling them at a nearby Uni.

Basically I'd do what Ardiril suggested donate them and get the tax credit it is the most time efficient way and you'll probably make more.
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Yeah, sorry, but all the school books are basically worthless.
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If you're willing to drive to Ann Arbor, Books By Chance will take all of your books, try to sell what they can online (giving you a cut), and donate or recycle the rest. I had an excellent experience with them, which basically amounted to having them show up at my apartment door and then mail me a check for $100 a month or two later. They have a pick up location in AA that you could use, since they don't pick up from outside the city.
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You can sell your books back to Powell's. The process is explained on the link but basically you input the ISBN numbers, they'll give you a bid. If you decide to go through with it, they even cover the shipping cost. However I imagine that the money per book is minimal (or less than you might be able to get on amazon, ebay or a yard sale). However it's a way to get some money out of your books rather than just giving them or throwing them away (although I imagine that they won't accept everything).
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King's Books!

I was just at King Books last week, and while I was sitting near the front desk/cashier recovering from those four flights of stairs someone came in with a load of college texts. The manager was kind but firm - they do not buy text books. The best she could offer (which the student actually accepted; apparently she'd been schlepping these tomes all over the metro area) was to leave them out front on the "free" tables.
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