1 month before work starts: what to do?
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I'm starting work soon, any ideas on how I could best spend my time before it starts in one month? This is my second fulltime job since I finished my degree last year, and I'd be far away from home this time. Just wondered if there are worthwhile things to do in this not so short, but not so long period of time.

One thing to note, I practically have *zero* money at this point in my life. I'm actually considering a parttime job to support whatever activities I plan to do, but I guess a one month job is hard to come by.

Thanks so much for your inputs!
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Try to get rid of many of your items by discarding them, selling them, or donating them. If you can sell some items then at least you'll have some more money for security purposes.

Familiarize yourself with free resources in the area that you plan on moving to. For instance, find food banks in the area, free activity nights, etc..

Find a club or two that you would be interested in joining once you settle into your new place.

Search for jobs that are strictly on the weekends if you won't be receiving financial support and have close to no money. That way, you can use the money from your day job for savings and taking care of bills and money from the second job for spending on other expenses such as food, going out, and things that you want but don't actually need.
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If you're not already - get fit and start eating right. Beginning full-time work can be tiring and stressful and you'll find it much easier to handle if you take care of yourself and establish healthy habits beforehand.
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prepare yourself a pile of freezable lunches so that you will be able to eat propely and not spend a lot of money once you are working. Like, make a big pot of chilli, or stew and freeze it in single sized servings. or pre-make a pile of burritos... rice and veggies...
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Visit distant friends: Once you have a full-time, out-of-town visit time becomes scarce.
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Great tips, everyone. I couldn't have thought some of these things by myself. Thanks, keep em coming!

I've realized there are things we really take for granted once we take a full-time job.
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It sounds like you're moving for this job, either now or in a month?

If you're moving now, take the time to explore your new city on foot. Find the cute coffee shops, the nice parks, the free museums, the good bike trails. Find the quickest or least annoying way to get from your home to your new job during rush hour, which may not necessarily be the shortest.

If you're moving in a month, take the time to explore your old city before you leave -- check out all the museums, cafes, parks, galleries, etc. that a tourist would visit if they came to your town.

It might also be a good time to start some daily habits like exercising, meditation, or journaling.
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Yes, I'll be moving in a month for this job. It is quite far from where I live now, definitely need a plane to get there.
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This may sound totally contrary to the other suggestions, but relish in every free weekday that you have, and the chance to sleep in and to stay up late. I work a regular hours job that has me in bed early and up early even during the weekends, because I am so used to the schedule. I looooove days when I can be in the city during the day for grocery shopping, bank errands, doctor's appointments, etc., because normally I cannot. So even if you don't make any major life changes in the next 30 days, relish doing nothing once in a while!

(Also, get any anticipated doctor's etc. visits out of the way if you can, so you aren't wasting days off on them later. While laying in bed with the laptop, start looking into networks, online or otherwise, that could be interesting for starting a social life when you move.)
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