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How much notice does an NYC landlord have to give before raising rent?

Our landlord contacted our downstairs neighbors this afternoon about raising their rent starting June 1. He then texted me and asked if he could "meet with us tomorrow." I assume he's going to tell us the same thing -- that he wants to raise our rent and have us sign a new lease.

Here are the salient facts:

* We are not in a rent controlled or rent stabilized apartment.
* The term of our original lease ended and we are currently living here on a month to month basis.

So my question is basically is there a legal expectation that he give me 30 or 60 days notice before raising our rent?
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Based on this, it looks like there is no notice period required, but that you can choose not to agree to the rent increase. If you and the landlord cannot agree on a mutually acceptable new rent, the landlord must give you at least 30 days notice before you have to move out, during which you can pay rent at the old rate.
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Your landlord must give you 30 days notice IN WRITiNG, which is what phoenixy's link above stipulates.

I'm not sure how Phoenixy interpreted that to mean otherwise, but as someone who used to hold a NYS real estate license, yes, 30 days in writing is legal. The rest is bullshit until it is in writing.

Get it?
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call 311
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