Help save my thumbs! I need a texting alternative
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How can I text without typing on an iPhone? Is there a way to get voice translations right into a text without cutting and pasting on a 3Gs?

I'm developing tendonitis in my thumbs from my line of work and texting is seriously aggravating it. My physical therapist says I need to stop texting altogether, but texting has become pretty essential to my work (and personal) life.

On an iPhone 3Gs, is there a way to send texts via voice?

I use my iPhone (the keyboard in general) for everything! -- from maps to facebook to email.

Any ideas short of losing the iPhone and trading it in for something with an ergonomic mouse?
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On the 3GS, I don't think so. But the newest one - the 4S - has voice transcription, and it works very well; it takes a few tries to get used to pronouncing punctuation - "I am not happy comma but I can deal with it period anyway how are you questionmark" - but at this point I only actually type about half my texts.

That said, it does require a new $200 gadget with contract.
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I have a 3G and use the Dragon Dictation (free) app, which works pretty well and allows you to send your dictations by text, email, Facebook, etc.
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I heard on the radio today there is a voice option aimed at car safety but same thing. Goes both ways
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Swype is where it's at for me. I simply cannot live without it, but it's not available for the iPohone.
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If you need to send text messages for your work, and a medical condition makes it difficult for you to do so, you would probably have good case to make to your boss that your employer should cover it. OSHA compliance might even come in to play. However, I am (if it wasn't obvious) not a lawyer; and obviously this doesn't apply if you're a free-lancer or the like.
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Yep. I'm my boss. I am trying Dragon Dictation, but it doesn't solve the problem because it requires so much keypad use and correction. You have to go into the app, dictate, correct the mistakes, then click the sms choice, then your address book.., it's just too much. I wish there was a voice activated

"Text Mom" and it would open it right up. My phone will let me do it for calls, why not text. And then just dictate the text by give a command or maybe one button.

What about people who have no hands??? ; )
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Get a wrist mount for the iphone and type using your pointer fingers.
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An update....I found out the problem with my thumb is something called "Trigger Thumb" from doing massage therapy. I will be able to get it treated, thankfully. I am using my index finger when texting now, and until a cortisone shot or possible minor surgery corrects this problem, I am in a splint. But knowing it is treatable and not a chronic limitation...I am so relieved.

Thanks for the replies.
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