Why is Blogger messing up my formatting?
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Why is Blogger messing up my formatting?

Blogger is driving me crazy!

When composing a new post, everything look fine in 'draft' mode. When I publish, however, lots of extra spacing has been inserted, so there are huge gaps between paragraphs.

Similarly, the site will also sometimes refuse to display text in the appropriate font or size, even though everything looks fine in the composing pane.

I generally compose in Google Docs or Microsoft Word and then copy and paste into Blogger's composing screen. I have tried copying my text into Text Edit, saving it as a .txt file, and only then copy and pasting the content over. I hoped that this would strip the text of any weird formatting embedded in the Word or Google file. This seems to have reduced the frequency of the problem, but not eliminated it.

Any idea why Blogger is so dead-set on screwing up my formatting? Any ideas would be much appreciated!
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There is a style sheet associated with the template that you are using, and it will override or adjust your settings.

If your template used to work and now doesn't, you might have to change to another one and then change back to the original one.
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Oh yeah. Line breaks. It's driving me crazy too. You can click into settings to show the old blogger but google is forcing this new UI on us shortly no matter what. In the new interface, if you click the gear (options) at the bottom on the right hand side of your editing page, you can choose between use
for line breaks or click enter. That helped me sometimes but it was a little hit or miss!

I'll be watching this thread. I can't stand the new interface simply for this one formatting issue!
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HA! I put a line break in there by using the proper tags. You can choose between using BR in between the pointy brackets or click enter for line breaks, is what I tried to say!
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I noticed this recently too. When I post by email, it doesn't happen. When I infrequently post via the Blogger interface, I've resigned myself to going back, editing the HTML (you can switch the editor between rich text and HTML) and removing the extraneous <br> tags.
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funny, in my template it has *removed* spacing between paragraphs in a way that annoys me -- in fact, it will run paragraphs together unless I manually space them with HTML.

thanks, Blogger. (sigh.)
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