How can I, a dropout, get academic counseling at CSULB?
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CSULB insiders - help this dropout get academic counseling at CSU Long Beach...

This is a shout-out to anyone familiar with CSULB's bureaucracy - I've googled, tried, and called all kinds of numbers to no avail. I need some insider stuff, if anyone's got experience.

I dropped out of the art department's BA program 10 years ago. I'd like to finish up my degree - I'm probably only a few credits short, but that's hard to figure out without some help from an academic counselor. The bureaucracy runaround's result is: reapply, and then you can get counseling. Reapplying seems like an iffy proposition if I don't know what I need to do to graduate, though!

I would think the university would be happy to see someone graduate after taking just a class or two, but I can't figure out who to talk to. I've dealt with phone-lackeys (no judgment, I've been a phone-lackey) at the art department, the admissions office, and the enrollment office so far, but none of them will pass me on to someone higher.

Any insiders want to help?
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Best answer: Just because you didn't list them... I assume you tried the people in the Art Advising Office? The keyword you're looking for is "Advising", not "Counseling", if that's stymieing your search efforts.
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Best answer: Wow, this sounds familiar. I dropped out of the CSULB Art department about 10 years ago, too, and I, too, am just a few credits shy of graduation. I looked into going back and finishing a couple years ago after I'd been unemployed for an extended period of time, and I actually found that they have a really good adult re-entry workshop that's free and will help you get answers to most of your questions. Here's a link to some info about it: CSULB Adult Re-entry Services

Make sure you bring all the transcripts and information you need. You won't get to talk to a counselor there, but if I recall correctly they can help you get in to see one. I went to the workshop and it was really helpful, but I didn't follow through with it, because before the semester started, I got an awesome job offer. Taking that job was the right thing for me right then, but part of me wishes I'd gone ahead and finished.

Good luck!
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Best answer: How about Adult Re-Entry Services?
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Response by poster: Many thanks, y'all. Re-entry services looks like the way to go... and if not, I'll try the Art Advising Office! For some reason, bureaucracy stymies me!
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Best answer: Universities are really good at naming stuff using the ultimate inside-baseball terminology and then acting incredulous that you couldn't use your powers of deduction to figure it out. Good luck!
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Response by poster: Sweetie Darling is totally right - the nomenclature was my big obstacle (that, and the unhelpfulness of the phone jockeys at the various departments - not to deny love to phone jockeys everywhere, but, c'mon, guys, help a brother out). Adult Re-entry Services has workshops several times a year, and I'll be going to the next one in a couple weeks, where, with luck, a real human will be able to help me out. Thanks again, everyone!

I will revisit this question if I get any info that'll help other folks who google it.
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Response by poster: Just a heads up that the Adult Re-entry workshop was very helpful, if anyone is stumbling upon this question in future.

California's budget issues mean that only admitted students can get actual academic counseling, but I got help figuring out that I am potentially eligible for readmission and help applying. (Wish me luck with that.)

I'm a lucky one there, because the budget issues have led to a real tightening of readmission standards for all classes of students at CSU.

Thanks for the advice, one last time!
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