Cough drops with non-stick wrappers for warm climates
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Looking for wrapped cough drops that don't turn into sticky messes in the summer.

A standard cough drop turns oozy in the summer here. Are there any that hold up to spending a few hours in a pocket? I know about Altoids, but would prefer something with a wrapper so it won't suffer from being in a pocket by itself.
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I've used these (love 'em) and have never had them go gooey. Individually wrapped. Pleasant taste.
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Fisherman's Friend
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Also, Fisherman’s Friend.
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The sugar free ones.
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Nice Lozenges come in blister pack sheets, but I usually just cut them up into individual packets or in blocks of 4 if I need to put them in a pocket; they keep well.
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Well, I use Sugar Free Halls Menthol, they're wrapped, I keep 4 or 5 in my pocket to combat coughing fits, they don't melt, though if they don't get used over the course of a week or so when you go to unwrap one the surface may have picked up some of the paper. I'm not one to sweat the small stuff, so for me they fit the bill. At Walmart you can get bags of 70 drops for not much money. YMMV.
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Interesting - maybe sugar is causing the problem. It is hygroscopic after all.
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yeah, I've never had a problem with Riccola, but I think we usually get sugar-free, at least to keep around in non-flu-season.
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So I got these Fisherman's Friend drops and they are actually not individually wrapped. Doh! Are there other variants that are?
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