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My neighbors gave me a jar of homemade chocolate / fudge sauce for my birthday. (Good neighbors aren't they?) I need ideas on how to use it.

Other than direct spoon feeding into comotose land or IV drip, I'm short on creative ideas.

It's about 3 cups full of chocolaty goodness.

While I do have ice cream handy there has to be a better way to enjoy this wonderful gift without having to make a run to the store tonight. They're sure to ask tomorrow and, besides, the chocolate is sitting there silently mocking me.

All ideas for immediate and future uses will be enjoyed. Feed my imagination please.
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Best answer: Do you have tortilla chips? Chocolate Nacho's. Done.
posted by markblasco at 3:59 PM on May 23, 2012

Well, of course there's nothing wrong with just using a spoon...but if you want to get healthy about it, drizzle some out on top of raspberries or bananas.
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Chocolate fondue? Dip strawberries and other good stuff in it to enjoy the chocolaty goodness with less risk of actual diabetic coma.
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Drip some on your significant other and lick it off. Sexy time ensues.
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I suggest making brownies and the then drizzling the sauce over the brownies.

(I now realize that my neighbors have been slacking off.)
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Best answer: Bananas. Pretzels. Potato chips (no, really). Berries. Pound cake. Marshmallows.

MMmmmmmmmm, boy.
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I was going to suggest dipping fresh fruit in it.

Make crepes and use the sauce as a filling, or drizzle over the top?

Get some plain croissants, split them, spread with just a little chocolate sauce and you have a lovely breakfast.

Make a chocolate cake and use it as frosting.

Make muffins and find a way to get the sauce in the middle so it's warm and gooey when you bite into it.
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Homebrew stout?

And pecanpies should've suggested his/her namesake-- chocolate pecan pie is overkill in the minds of some, but I say it's mahvelous.
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Fudge sauce is most perfect with pound cake and fruit (strawberries and bananas in particular, but any fruit is fine).
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Chocolate milk/hot chocolate?
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Could could make some peanut butter blondies and drizzle it liberally over the top of those (then lick the spoon). You could even save a trio of pieces and give them to the neighbors tomorrow to thank them.
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Best answer: Using a melon baller (or, hell, a spoon if you're not obsessed with nearly-useless kitchen gadgets the way I am), form several balls of chilled peanut butter (I store mine in the fridge; if you don't, put it in the freezer awhile). Dip balls in chocolate. Perhaps roll in something (chopped nuts? coconut? powdered sugar?).

CONSUME, greedily and messily.
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Wonton wrappers with some little stuff inside it [I'm partial to bananas] and a little syrup. Fry. Serve with ginger ice cream.
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Various pervy things with your SO.
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I hereby volunteer to take this worry off your mind: ship it to me.
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I was given some home-made chocolate fudge sauce once that took on the consistency of frosting when it had been refrigerated and so I would spread it on peanut butter granola bars.
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any graham crackers in the house? refrigerate the fudge, spread on crackers, nom.
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Okay, I'll say it; A spoon. Start with a spoon. Then I would think on it. But not starting with a spoonful is missing an obvious clue on what to do.
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banana boats! split a peeled banana down the middle. drizzle the chocolate sauce in. top with marshmallows if you like. wrap in foil and bake until golden and soft. eat with a spoon.

you could also make a kickass sundae with a waffle as a base, ice cream, fruit, and chocolate sauce.

or chocolate pizza--roll out some pizza dough, slather on the sauce, top with fruit and shredded coconut, and bake. Serve with ice cream.
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We recently discovered that chocolate sauce and mango are amazing with pancakes
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Response by poster: You think you have a well-stocked kitchen until the people of MeFi start offering recipe suggestions. Kitchen fail.

Nevertheless, I think I’ve gained ten pounds reading these suggestions. Results so far:

Toekneesan and phunniemee: I can report that a spoon is, indeed a great first go at it.

JohnnyGunn and Confess, Fletch: the Significant Others in my abode happen to be kitty fuzzbutts and don’t take too kindly to chocolate sauce; however, I did find that spillage on various self-parts proved entertaining to remove via lickage.

Michele in California, bunderful, et al: Alas, I didn’t have any fresh fruit so I tried frozen cherry dunks which proved to be less than satisfying. I then swirled some frozen bananas + milk + choc sauce in blender which was darn tasty (especially when I added some orange liqueur). And, for those folks who like mangoes, lizabeth’s idea sounds interesting.

Yes! Brownies! Garm and Area Man (indeed, you do have slacking neighbors) go for the never-fail goodness. With pecanpies and jeather suggesting it over Pound Cake being quite right (trip to store in required there.)

And chocolate pecan pie as suggested by Sunburnt is another future recipe.

Oh goodness, elizeh, the pizza idea is gonna happen cause I love chocolate and coconut together.

Markblaso, pecanpies and jessamyn teamed up in my mind to create with available resources the following: Take one small scoop of peanut butter, dip in chocolate sauce and roll in crushed crunchy/salty tortilla chips; freeze then nom. Indeed, quite delicious.

XMLicious and fingerandtoes forced me to dig out my ginger snaps which I can report are much more tasty with chocolate on top.

All above was washed down with chocolate milk as suggested by Sassyfras. Course, this morning required a dollop of chocolate sauce in my cup of coffee too.

And, finally, someone must be easily confused because the question was about how I could use the goodness, not ship it far, far away….
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