Is there a printer that can make complete lenticular prints?
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Is there a consumer printer which can make 3d lenticular prints from 3d photos?

I'm interested in 3d photography. One sticking point for me is to actually be able to print pictures in 3d.

Are there any consumer printers which will just make a lenticular print (or similar kind of 3d print) directly from a file sent to it?

I know I can merge pictures in Photoshop, and then cut them to match lenticular sheets that I can buy separately. Looking for an easier route - although I'll be very happy to get further information on that subject also.

I've tried googling for 3d printer, but as can be expected I keep turning up the printer that makes objects instead. If that kind of 3d printer could make lenticular prints as well, I'd of course be into it but that doesn't seem to be the case. : )
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Wikipedia gives a few consumer-level solutions to lenticular printing.
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Response by poster: So it looks like there are companies you can send files to, and they will send you back a lenticular 3d picture.

But it doesn't look like there are any consumer printers I can just buy, put in my house and make my own prints.

OK, then. thanks...
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Response by poster: Just to increase the amount of information banked herein,
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