What should we do in the Catskills?
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What is there to do in the Catskills, particularly near Boiceville/Phoenicia/Haines Falls/anywhere else in Ulster County?

My husband and I are attending a wedding in Boiceville, NY in June. We've never been upstate. He's probably more nature-oriented than I am, but I'm cursed with being a magnet for mosquitos, which is why I rarely leave the confines of NYC for the great outdoors.

But! Maybe it'll be nice to see some form of fauna other than subway rats and dogs in sweaters. Are there lakes or other natural recreational activities to enjoy? What places nearby should we check out? I am not a huge fan of hiking, but if it's truly breathtaking I may change my mind.

Also, are there any pretty towns to explore? Restaurants to visit?

We're arriving on a Friday evening and driving back Sunday afternoon. The wedding will start at 4PM that Saturday. We'll be staying at the Twilight Lodge in Haines Falls.
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Browse around The Watershed Post for some ideas. Also, here is an Ulster County tourism site. You would probably love Andes, which is in Delaware County.

Any place would be great! My favorite thing is just looking at the architecture. That area is still recovering from Hurricane Irene.
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Phoenicia is Catskills Tubing Central. There's a ton of places where you can rent old inner tubes and use them as rafts to go down river a while, and then get picked up and driven back when you're done.

You're also very near Woodstock, which really capitalizes on its "Yay Woodstock hippies and peace and love" reputation. You're also near Opus 40, which is this wild sculpture park a retired stonecutter built in his backyard just because he felt like it.
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If you have the slightest inclination to go for a hike, you'll be nearish North/South Lake which includes a trail to Kaaterskill falls.
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oh, also if you like good beer, then head to Windham (also in the area, probably about 20 mins from where you are staying) to Cave Mtn. Brewing, the food isn't anything special, but it's good beer. For a good sandwich for the drive back home, head over to Todaro's down the street in Windham.
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I was just coming in here to suggest Opus 40. I visited it a couple of years ago and blew me away, it's amazing. Woodstock, too, is very pretty.
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There are two very good restaurants in Phoenicia: Brio's and Sweet Sue's. Sweet Sue's is renowned for their pancakes and french toast, and deservedly so. Brio's has great pizza and sandwiches. One of my favorite things is the turkey reuben, and you can also grab a slice of pizza if you're in a hurry.

I've spent most of my time in the area on a road bike, and the roads are fantastic for that. I've never gone tubing, but it looks like a refreshing and fun way to cool off. There's also a a really cool museum in Phoenicia devoted to the railroads and the construction of the reservoir system in the Catskills, and IIRC there's a train you can ride on a short stretch of rail.
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I LOVE Phoenicia. We stay there every year now. Previously, I mentioned our favourite spots. I must say that stopping into Grandmere Yvonne's is just such a treat. I buy my friends all sorts of cool preserves.

If you're up for a hike, there's also the Tanbark Trail - which took us longer than reviews of it had said (about three and a half hours).

Andes isn't too far away either, and the Andes Hotel is a nice place to get a drink and a bite.
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