Misanthropic comedians who are women?
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Looking for absurdist and/or misanthropic comediennes in the vein of Eddie Izzard, Dylan Moran, Lewis Black, etc.?

I'm specifically looking for female comedians, but welcome suggestions of other male comics as well.
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Best answer: Maria Bamford - Standard Comedy Act
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Whitney Cummings and Aisha Tyler
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Jo Brand probably meets your requirements.
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Best answer: Tig Notaro
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Absurdist: Josie Long

Misanthropic: Jenny Eclair

Other misanthropic males with an absurdist streak: Stewart Lee, Sean Lock
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Charlie Brooker
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Susan Calman?
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Julia Davis who wrote and starred in BBC3's Nighty Night. Warning: very, very dark!
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Bill Bailey.
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But if you want someone doing standup I seem to recall Gina Yashere having that 'I'm surrounded by dumbarses' attitude.
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Fiona O'Loughlin
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Tim Minchin might appeal to you.
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Morgan Murphy.
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Not a lady, but doesn't get much more misanthropic than Daniel Tosh, especially his first Comedy Central special.
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Brother Dave Gardner
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Absurdist in a very Wisconsin way: Mary Mack.
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Misanthropic? Lisa Lampanelli (Also incredibly offensive, but that's her gig.)
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Laura Kightlinger is the greatest dark/absurdist comedian - regardless of gender
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Sarah Silverman
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Doug Stanhope.
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Father Ted. And if you're Catholic it's even better (because you know it's true.) Channel 4, UK.

Vintage Absolutely Fabulous with Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders, BBC, but not the recent Xmas special.

It's not in the least misanthropic but fairly surreal because the child actors get to improvise: Outnumbered, BBC. Read about it here
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Marc Maron, espacially older Marc Maron stuff, features a lot of wallowing in self-pity which often results in a misanthropic jag or two.
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You need Judith Lucy, vintage for preference.

Fiona O'Loughlin is great too.
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