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Moving from Japan to Germany. Recommend a moving company? I read the suggestions in a 2006 AskMeFi post, but since it's several years old, I thought I'd ask again.
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I've found the advice at to be quite informative.
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How much stuff do you have to ship?

If you have a medium amount of stuff, Japan Luggage Express worked for me in moving from Japan to Zürich. It was all self-pack though, so if you're interested in a full-service moving company this isn't for you.

The rates were about the cheapest I could find, and the service was good, even when interrupted by the big earthquake (they're headquartered in Chiba). I shipped things by both sea and air. I got my goods within the estimated time frame, and there were no excessive surprise prices. I paid around 1400000 yen total to ship about 1m cubed, and had to pay about 350 swiss francs to on various fees and delivery to my apartment from the "port."

For sea shipping he recommends buying the double-walled boxes, and if I were going to do it again, I would probably do that. My boxes ended up looking a bit worse for wear, but nothing was physically damaged due to careful packing. I had a couple things that ended up moldy (rattan baskets), but I more got the impression that the mold spores were in the baskets before the shipping, and the humidity of the ship contributed to molding. So: Take precautions against dampness and banging around.

If you want full-service shipping, I also looked into Kuroneko Yamato, and they quoted shipping (by sea) at 3500000 yen for about 2.5m cubed (that was including some furniture which I ended up not shipping), and that may have excluded import duties.

If you have a car or can get someone to help you who does, sending things by sea or SAL via the Post office can also be an economical option, especially if you aren't shipping that much. If you have less than 1m cubed of stuff (1m cubed is quite a bit, actually), the post office might be your cheapest option, since shipping companies tend to have 1m as a minimum.
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We used Yokohama System Mover when we moved from Japan 8 years ago. It was *relatively* cheap, and the service was really good. We still have their boxes.
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