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Yet another Episode of "Help Me Remember This Book: Science Fiction Edition."

Here are the details as I remember them:

The title of the book is a three digit number, I think in the 200s, it's the address of the apartment building (most of?) the family that the book's about lives in, or possibly the number of the apartment.

The narrative shifts between focusing on members of the family. I think that each section is pretty long, maybe a third of the book, I'm not to sure about that though.

One of the characters is a female nurse, and has a relationship with another woman who is attracted to people in uniforms.

The general setting is a generic over-crowded future city.

The most memorable detail was a cool three dimensional chart of how the characters related to each other and the plot. The plot was dense enough that I remember looking at it several times.

Thanks for your help.
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That's the one, thanks. It has been bugging me off and on for years.
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