This would be easier if I read Italian.
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Italy Travel Filter: How do we get from Bologna to Codroipo by train? Added bonus: how do we then get from Codroipo to the Marco Polo airport?

So we're traveling around northern Italy at the end of June, and this involves a lot of train travel. Some of it is pretty easy, like Florence to Bologna.

We're running into problems in getting from Bologna to Codroipo and then later from Codroipo to the Marco Polo airport. I know both routes take about 3.5 hours and involve a transfer at the Mestre station in Venice (Venezia Mestre?). I have a timetable printed out for the Bologna to Codroipo route, so we have that worked out. It's the rest of it that I haven't been able to find answers to:

1. Do we have to buy tickets in advance for these routes? From my research, we won't have to buy tickets in advance for Florence to Bologna, but that's a direct route. What would be the best way to do this? When searching the Trenitalia website for routes/tickets, I get back "there are segments not purchasable."

2. While the route from Bologna to Codroipo is clear-cut, the trains and/or buses to get to the Marco Polo airport are harder to work out. Has anyone done this, and how'd you get there? The more direct the better, of course.

Thank you! Any advice and pointers are appreciated.
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that message on the trenitalia website only means you cannot buy them online, but you can buy them at any ticket counter in any station.
To get to Marco Polo Airport I would take the train from Codroipo to Venezia Mestre and then a shuttle from there.
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1. You don't have to buy tickets online but it is possible. You have to frank your tickets in a machine on the platform before you get on the train.

I've used Rail Europe to book tickets online in the past, and it is worth noting that there are two type of train in Italy, the cheaper but slower Regionale, and Fast.

I can only advise on the Regionale, but I went from Florence to Siena recently, booked in advance, cost 7 euros and took 90 minutes. One thing I wish I'd known beforehand was that there wasn't a toilet on the train!
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Here's the info on the Venice Marco Polo airport website. Looks like you have a lot of options.
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