Free alternative to Nelson Handwriting Font?
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Does anyone know a free alternative to the Nelson Handwriting Font used for teaching children handwriting?

I've looked everywhere and been unable to find anything. The original costs a fortune to download and licence.

Many thanks
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It's probably expensive because it's very well made... the way the letters join up looks great.

You might find Jarman an acceptable substitute.

La El 2 is nice but probably a bit too 'curly'.

Or Va Pe 2 perhaps.
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A friend wrote a blog post about teaching children handwriting, and linked to this site for Donna Young's Cursive Handwriting Practice. It's what I've been using for my daughter, who wants to practice "in cursive" just for fun.
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Oh sorry by the way, it looks like the second two download with a load of other crap - toolbars etc - but if you like the fonts you could probably find them on a different site too.
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A very elegant and free French handwriting font created by an elementary school teacher is available here. This page also lists some other handwriting fonts.

"Télécharger les deux polices de Christophe BEAUMALE"
= Download Christophe BEAUMALE's two fonts
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Hah! The font under "Jean-Claude GINEAU" looks like the handwriting of about three-quarters of the Europeans I have ever known!
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