What is the best way to get better at disc golf?
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I used to play a lot of disc golf 10-15 years ago, but haven't played much at all in the past decade. I recently took it up again, and quite frankly, I stink. I'd like to at least be able to be within a couple strokes of par. Am i better off just playing as many rounds as possible, or should I devote some of my time to just practicing my driving, putting, etc? What else can i do to make myself better at disc golf?
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Playing to get better is more fun, but practice is more efficient. Drills on any skill let you pack more reps in a shorter time. What are you having trouble with, distance, aim, touch?
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Play with people that play the game at the level you aspire to. In both disc golf and little round ball golf, making smarter decisions on the course can have a large impact on your score. Seeing how actual par players approach the course will help, as long as you don't attempt shots that you can't make.
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I feel your pain, BlackWalnut. Twelve years ago I could go out and card a 6 or 7 under par round pretty much automatically. Today on the same course, I'm lucky to shoot 6 or 7 over. It isn't like riding a bicycle, is it? I've lost distance off the tee, accuracy in approach shots, and confidence in putting. Plus I am now old and fat and wheezy and can't stay out there all day playing round after round like I could.

I can only speak for myself, but what it's going to take for me to get better is LOTS more time on the course and listening to my body. I doubt I'll ever be able to throw 300+ feet again , but I can learn to keep it in the fairway. A big part of it is accepting that what once came so easily is going to be more difficult this time, and having patience.

Stay patient, have fun, and bang some chains!
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Putting practice helps a lot, in my experience. I haven't had much luck with driving practice though - playing more rounds usually helps more with that. One thing I've seen a lot of people do on quiet courses is to throw two discs for every shot and just play the best one - that way you get a chance to adjust your throw if your first try wasn't quite what you wanted.

It also helped me to watch YouTube videos of driving/putting clinics, read some of the super-helpful and detailed tips & articles on Disc Golf Review (everything listed under "resources" in the sidebar is fantastic), and to make sure my discs were all an appropriate weight - if you've lost some of your strength, throwing 180-gram discs might not be your best bet.
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