Cheap, safe and in New Delhi- any ideas
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Where can a single woman stay in Delhi for a few days that's both cheap and safe?

A friend wants to spend a few days in Delhi (24th-28th of this month) and needs a place to stay. She's a single woman in her early 20s and is pretty concerned about safety. Plus she doesn't have much money and would prefer to spend under Rs 1000 a night. Location doesn't matter as long as it's reasonably close to a metro station, but she'd prefer to avoid anything too far out of the way. Central/South Delhi would be nice, but other locations are good, too.

Any help would be much appreciated.
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Usually international hostels are pretty safe and cheap. I've never been to India, but she can check out and look at reviews and prices there.
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The tibetan quarter is cheap as chips. We always stay there and it's very safe, the kids love it. Majnu ka Tilla is the area. We stay at a few different guesthouses. Wongdhen House is pretty good and has a nice restaurant.

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Rs 1000 is a pretty low budget, but I'm sure it's possible.

If it's not, then I recommend Lutyens Bungalow. My wife stayed there for a week while travelling on her own for work and enjoyed it.
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It's been over a decade since I've been there, so someone else will have to speak to safety, but I stayed at the New Delhi YMCA without any trouble. Looks like a single room with shared bath is 1100 Rs.
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I didn't feel unsafe in Paharganj, within walking distance of the New Delhi station. The hotels are nicer north of Old Gupta Road.
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