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Livejournal is failing me. Help find a replacement? (snowflakes inside)

So for the past couple years (and more intensely) for the last couple months, I used Livejournal pretty extensively without many troubles at all. Even the recent layout changes didn't bother me much, but this is starting to get on my nerves. I've been using the website to Roleplay with a friend of mine and am now unable to do so because of the errors I keep getting.

Basically, I've been getting this error with pretty much every post I try to make (that is, a reply to an already created journal post).

Error 324 (net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE): Unknown error

So since I cannot make it go away (anyone know how?) I'm looking for websites that emulate/simulate what LJ is and that can:

- Easily create 'posts'
- Reply with no problem, reply to different comments, etc.
- Avatars, though this is not 100% necessary
- E-mail notification. So if make a 'journal post', I get notified every time someone comments in it.
- Ability to hide my posts from everyone (like the 'lock for everyone but friends' option in LJ)
- ABILITY TO POST WRITTEN EXPLICIT CONTENT. This is a big one and one of the reasons I haven't switched over to using a proboards or something similar.

And of course, a layout that makes reading relatively large (max-sized, 750 word +) comments easy and not a chore.

Thank you very much in advance!
posted by Trexsock to Computers & Internet (13 answers total) 2 users marked this as a favorite It's a code fork from livejournal, so it's basically the same (just better).
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ahahaha! just goes to show how ubiquitous a cure it is for the LJ blues.
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Thirding Dreamwidth. I can even mail you an invite code, if you want.
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Yet another person recommending Dreamwidth! Also, if you are running an RPG and need invites for everybody, just ask Denise, who runs Dreamwidth, about getting invite codes for everybody. You can also import your whole RPG journal with comments and everything.
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Dreamwidth is the answer to this, IMO, because it's the explicitly non-evil for-fans-by-fans option, but I see a LOT of fannish activity happening on Tumblr lately as well, including RP.
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I add to the chorus chiming for Dreamwidth, and I offer an invite code to any MeFite who needs one for that and/or for DW's fannish-archive sibling, Archive of Our Own.
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p.s./FYI, Archive of Our Own allows explicit content, and you can "lock" stories from public view so they're only visible to logged-in AO3 members, or orphan works you don't want tied to your name.

(Dreamwidth also of course allows explicit content and post-locking, but that might not be obvious about AO3 since it isn't a journal site.)
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a 324 from chrome is a pretty suspect response. It can often indicate a misconfigured proxy setting, some other internet routing configuration that's incorrect, a bad hosts file, a bad DNS server, or the like.

While I am a fan of DW (and my wife has DW set to auto-cross-post to LJ), it may be your computer.
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This smells like a local issue -- I just checked and reach LJ just fine.

(Seriously, did everyone move to DW?)
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Nthing the suggestions for Dreamwidth, and also the suggestion that this sounds like a local problem.

Before going through the hassle of migrating your journal, maybe try logging in using different browsers and using different computers. When I have probs. like this, I often try a succession of Opera, Safari, Chrome, Lynx, and old and new versions of Firefox and see if I can duplicate the problem on all of them.

It might be that LJ pushed a code upgrade or something that an older browser isn't fond of and switching to a newer browser version or a different browser entirely could help.
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There's really only a reason to move from lj if you've got a policy-based issue with them. Anything technical is fixable by definition. Even policy site-wide stuff (like, 'no more subject-lines for comments') can be gotten around by lj styles. Basically, open a support request and they'll fix it. It's that simple.
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Dreamwidth also allows automatic cross-posting, so you can post there and to LJ simultaneously. If you don't want to completely abandon LJ, this is a good option.
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